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What to Wear for Spring Break

Every year when Spring Break rolls around, I always struggle with what to wear.  I never want to repeat a look, so it get’s a little bit more difficult each year!

But there’s not need to fear this year, as I’ve put together four AMAZING looks that you all can ROCK, no matter the destination.  Try these looks while vacationing here in The Dominican Republic or in some other FABULOUS part of the world!

The first look, Punta Cana, is where you’ll need a more CHIC look.   It’s like being in a city with the beach right in front of you.

The Cabarette look is perfect for this area, one of my favorites here in The Dominican Republic.   All you’ll need is a nice top, cute hat, and a bikini bottom and you’re good to go!

La Terrenas is the locale for the third look.  Have I told you how much I LOVE La Terrenas?  I could live on those beaches forever!  Try rocking a casual look for this beach heaven…

La Romana you can try pretty much anything you like but always, BE CHIC!

Jarabacoa is a bit cold for spring break, but in case you are planning on spending time in colder climates, try this SUPER CUTE look!

If you have any other Spring Break look ideas, email me at yazminyeniyeara@gmail.com

Collages: Yazmin Yeara

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Editor: Jenny Perusek

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