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What are Bourgeois Bohemians

I found this amazing article, titled Are you a BOurgeois BOhemian?, that I wanted to share with you all.  I used to ask myself the same exact same question.  I like to call this person a Boh-Bou, while the article refers to him/her as a BoBo.  So what determines if you are a BoBo? 
According to the article, BoBos are “casual 'geek chic' people who are always on their Palm Pilots, they sip labour-intensive café lattes, chat on sleek cellphones and ponder the road to enlightenment.”  To quote the American journalist David Brooks, “These Bobos define our age. They are the new establishment. Their hybrid culture is the atmosphere we all breathe. Their status codes now govern social life."
So how to incorporate these two sides of yourself into your fashion?  Combine the INNOVATIVE with the TRADITIONAL.  Try a sweetly embroidered dress with a NEON sweater.  Your outfits will be much more interesting and will keep people guessing…
Ten ways to tell you're a BoBo… (courtesy of The Guardian)
Do you:
·      Believe that shelling out £10,050 on a home media center is vulgar, but that spending it on a slate shower stall is a sign you are at one with the Zen-like rhythms of nature?
·      Work for a company as cool, hip, and enterprising as you?
·      Go on adventure seeking vacations to the remotest parts of the world to extreme ski, mountain climb or whitewater raft?
o   OR do you simply settle for a ride in the sport utility vehicle to the nearest haute-design shops and local purveyors of Third World treasures.
·      Dress geek chic or hippie chick– and don't forget the titanium Omnitech athletic gear?
·      Have a newly renovated kitchen which looks like an aircraft hanger with plumbing – even after the feng shui
·      Give to Tibet, but not always to the local homeless?
·      Feel cheated and betrayed if a big supermarket sign that normally says 'Organic Items Today: 130' counts only to 60?
·      Earn upwards of £67,000 a year but you were never in it for the money?
·      Buy a Third World country to save the Third World?
Article: The Guardian
Editor: Jenny Perusek
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