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Welcome to the House of Blondie

New Delhi, India has gotten just a little bit chicer.  Kareena Vinaik, a Domus Academy graduate and very good friend, has taken her love of fashion and styling to the next level by opening a brand new store, House of Blondie.  

Described as the lovechild between Chanel and H&M, this store houses cult vintage pieces found in the fashionable streets of London, Milan, and even at home in New Delhi.  Kareena and her partner curate their pieces and store to give them an utterly modern feeling.  As you can see from the photos, vintage doesn’t have to mean old…

When deciding to open the store, Kareena took her newfound Domus Academy knowledge to heart: stay true to who you are and never be afraid to take risks.  As for the name, Kareena describes Blondie as “the figment of my imagination.  She is in constant awe of an era that gave birth to fashion and her house takes one back to that time.”

And that sentiment perfectly describes the store.  It’s vintage, with a modern twist.  Classic, beautiful, and fashion forward, just like Kareena herself.

You can visit House of Blondie in person at 24/4 Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi or online on their websiteand Facebookpage.

Photography: Kareena Vinaik

Author: Jenny Perusek

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