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VOGUE Fashion's Nigth Out "MILAN"

This was my first Fashion’s Night Out and I was very LUCKY that it was here in Milan.  It was a very fun and cool experience!  I got to see so much fashion on the streets and amazing djs in the stores.   You all know I love good music!
All of the stores served a special drink, either champagne or a nice cocktail (depending on the theme of the party).  People were shopping at 11 p.m. and having a blast!  But I won’t lie my feet… OH MY GOD!  They hurt so much.  So next year I’ll be wearing stylish, but comfortable shoes.
Here in Milan everyone has such a UNIQUE style.  The streets were crowded with 1,000 different looks… I wanted to take pictures of them all!
Fashion’s Night Out is all about going out with your friends and enjoying the moment, being prepared for anything… I wish it happened every month!  But I guess it’s more special if it’s every year, right?
These are some of the pictures I took last night.  I hope you all enjoy them and I hope that next year you all will be able to attend a Fashion’s Night Out event near you!  I know you’ll love it together…
Photography: Kareena Vanik & Yazmin Yeara
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Love, THN*

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