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Vintage Prague

Inspired by Frank Sinatra
This shoot took place in a vintage bar in Prague… it was the perfect look and place; it couldn’t have been better.  This bar reminded me of Rick Blaine in Casablanca.  It’s all about having the right HAT!

This look was inspired by the 1960s and one of my favorite men in the world, FRANK SINATRA.  He used to wear a hat similar to this one… I will forever love his style; he really knew how to pull it off the suit and hat look.

For this shoot, I am wearing a girly, mustard-colored ASOS shirt with crème details, plus Chanel vintage earrings (from the Milan vintage market) and an ASOS vintage-inspired necklace.  I think it looks very COOL to mix this look with a skull necklace… it gives it an extra touch and makes the look a bit less formal.

Photography: Jean Marie Polanco Issa
Model: Yazmin Yeara     
Author: Yazmin Yeara   
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

           Love, THN*

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