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Under Bodrum Sun

Bodrum is one of my favorite beaches in the world… it is literally a RUNWAY.  All the women wear the latest IT bikini or shades.  My favorite looks are the studded shorts and the vintage sunglasses!
Studs go with everything and they are perfect for giving an extra punch to jeans.  Light blue jean + Metal + White tank = PERFECTION!  This style has been IN for a few years now and it is preferred by many young ladies, bringing a classic, cool, and clean look to the beach. 
For this shoot, I am wearing a H&M dress and an ASOS bikini.  My friend is wearing vintage sunglasses: a bold move, but one that shows off her individuality.
Photography: Marcelle De Moya
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Bodrum, Turkey
Love, THN*

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