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Top Fashion Photographers in the USA

Do you love fashion and have a love for the photography that portrays it?  Have you ever thought about the person behind of camera?  Many times it is the photographer who is in charge of deciding how the fashion will be exhibited, so they play a much larger role in the fashion world than most people realize.

Listed below are the top ten fashion photographers in the United States (with examples of their work showcased below their name).  Each of these photographers exhibits their own individual style and technique… something that is learned from years of hard work and experience perfecting their craft.

Click on the photographer’s names to see their online portfolios.

1.   Dirk Frankefrom Miami, Florida

2.   Richard Warren from New York, New York

3.   Nicolaas de Bruin from Los Angeles, California

4.   Greg Powers from New York City, New York

5.   James Hickeyfrom New York City, New York

6.   Steven Lippman from Los Angeles, California

7.   Michael David Adams from New York City, New York

8.   Raya from New York City, New York

9.   Shaun Alexander from Los Angeles, California

10.Eddie Baute from San Antonio, Texas

Lauren Phillips is a professional event photographer, working in the field for over 16 years.  Lauren also owns the website Photography Degrees, where she likes to write articles about everything having to do with photography.

Photography:  Courtesy of the photographers listed above

Author: Lauren Phillips

Editor: Jenny Perusek

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