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THN BAZAAR Information

Yei THN BAZAAR Flyer is ready thank you to my wonderfull friend Gache ! I am so excited about this guys I just can’t wait to go home!
The THN BAZAAR will take place in Kalimocho Bar on the 21stof December , there will be amazing music by FREAKHAUS and 20 stands selling amazing jewels , clothes and a little surprise I have prepared!
I hope to see you all there it begins at 4:00 pm till 10 pm we will have an amazing time I can assure you!
Those who are interested in putting a stand on the THN BAZAAR contact me at yazminyeniyeara@gmail.comor yeara_yazmin@yahoo.com !

See you all in DECEMBER!!

Flyer: Graciela De Ramon
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek

Love THN* 

Almost night in the Falling Leaves

WaWaWoom By H&M