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The New IT Bag

Thanks to CÉLINE, we have a new IT bag hitting the fashion scene.  The Luggage Tote bag crafted by CÉLINE is just AMAZING.  It comes in so many different sizes and colors that everyone can find the right bag to suit their personality.

These bags are so CHIC with their mix of leather and other fabrics, like suede and wool.  You can wear it with a ball gown or with a nice pair of jeans… it’ll go with everything!

The above photos are my FAVORITE versions of this bag.  I am DYING to get one of these beautiful, yet practical creations.

CÉLINE has made such a huge comeback these past few years and is now one of the most sought-after trendsetters in the fashion industry.

If you can get your hand on one of these babies, BUY IT!

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Editor: Jenny Perusek

Love, THN*

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