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The Manathon - Spring/Summer 2012 Trends

And so the Manathon begins…. The Manathon is four straight days dedicated completely to men’s fashion!  Sorry, ladies, it’s time to give the boys a chance to shine.
Today’s first post of the Manathon is by our trusty stylist, Modaholic, who is showing the Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 trends.
The first trend is PRINTS and PATTERNS.  It’s time to mix it up boys and stop playing it safe…  Incorporate some FUN prints and patterns into your outfits for spring!
The second trend HEAD TO TOE WHITE.  Retire those all black ensembles and try the SEXY all white version.  Keep it to spring and summer though, you’ll need the tan to drive the girls crazy!
The third trend is brightly colored suits.  The beauty of this trend is that you can find a suit in almost any color, like fuchsia, tangerine, green, and blue.  LOVE this modern take on an old classic!
Now that you’re ready for spring, gents, stay tuned for more Manathan posts!
Collage: Modaholic
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Love, THN*

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