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Photo Credit: Cooking with Books "Summer Fruits"

Photo Credit: The Hippie Nerd
Photo Credit: The Hippie Nerd
Hello Hippie Nerd readers!  I’m Nelly, author of the food blog, Cooking With Books, as well as a professionally trained Pastry Chef.  I am happy to be gracing the pages of THN today, bringing you some Summer 2011 foodie trends!  Enjoy!
When Food Meets Fashion
Just as in the world of fashion, the world of food is dictated by trends.  There are trends based on the seasons, on ingredients, on methods and on techniques.  As compared to fashion trends that are based on materials, colors, and designs… both worlds are more similar than you’d expect!  Imagine being inspired by the color combination of a pineapple, or the rugged texture of its peel?
For this Summer 2011, food trends have been all over, literally!  From chefs having rooftop gardens to goat meat becoming the new IT meat, we’ve had a chance to taste a little bit of everything from all around the world. The great thing about food, as in fashion, is that we can adapt it and make it work for us when the lack of a professional kitchen (or a fashion stylist) hits us.
Keep a constant lookout for trends, just like The Sartorialist does: take notes, save pictures, engage your friends to talk about trends.  If you have the opportunity to ask questions, then ASK QUESTIONS.  Don’t be afraid to take your camera out at restaurants (always remembering to be as discreet as possible) and capture the moment.  This will be a surefire way to recreate dishes at home.
Summer 2011 Food Trends
1. Fruity-Spicy Drinks
Why the Trend?  Infusions have been seen for the past few years, but this summer we are seeing infusions made with an eclectic array of ingredients. The usual fruit infusions lacked in spice, so bartenders around the world are now infusing them with hot peppers.  The pepper will counteract the sweetness of the mixer added to bring about an overall balance to the infusion.
How to do this at home?  Purchase the best quality vodka and search your market for organic peppers (jalapeno or serrano).  Choose wisely, according to how well you can handle heat.  Wearing gloves, slice the peppers and remove the seeds.  Slide the pepper slices into the vodka and let the mix infuse for about 2 weeks.  Use it to make spicy Vodka Tonics or Hot Strawberry Margaritas!
2. Ice Cream
Why the Trend?  Every summer, ice cream flavors are recreated and it's, of course, due to the intense heat!  No one wants to be drinking hot chocolate in July, but how about a hot chocolate ice cream?  Trendy ice cream flavors go from red velvet cake to seasonal fruits such as mangos and passion fruit.  Ice cream parlors and gelato shops focus on showcasing ingredients, as well as different mixes!
How to do this at home?  You don't need an ice cream maker at home to do this.  One-ingredient ice creams, such as Banana Ice Cream, are easily accomplished at home.  You can also turn this trend into a party by purchasing you favorite ice creams and setting up a bar of varied toppings, like sauces, nuts, cookies, brownie chunks and more!  Ice cream parties are popular during the summer and a great way to spend time with friends!
I know this post is completely different from what you have seen before, but who says fashion and food don't mix?  I hope you enjoy the advice! A special thanks to Cooking With Books for contributing a THN* post.
Photography: Yazmin Yeara & Cooking With Books
Contributor: Marnely Rodriguez
Author: Yazmin Yeara and Marnely Rodriguez
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Milan, Italy
Love, THN*

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