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Taking Care of Your skin

To have a beautiful skin is not only due to good genetics. A skin  care routine according to your skin type is mandatory to have and maintain a glow and radian skin.

The basic things you need to consider when  choosing skin products are; your skin type and your lifestyle habits.
Skin types are generally categorize as normal, dry, oily and combination skin, this is when your forehead, nose and chin (T zone) are oily and the rest of your skin is normal,  or dry.
When speaking about lifestyle we can mention people that practice outdoor sport  and  spend several hours under the Sun, people who smoke, people who  sleep few hours and so on. All these aspects would dictate the products you should use for your skin care.
The rule for all skin types is to clean the skin before applying any moisturizer  and use a sunblock to protect the skin for the damaging effects of the Sun. These are without exception the three most import steps of a skin care routine.
According to your age you would need to made some additions to your skin care product list. For  example an anti-aging night cream, eye cream, or a serum.
Clinique is known for their non-comedogenic, and allergy tested products. And is ideal for people with sensitive skin.
Their array if products has a skin care system for every skin type. They also offer products in different formulas, such as soap, liquid soap, mousse, gel or cream. You should have no problem finding something that works for you.
Always remember that dedication and discipline would give you long lasting results.  Taking care of your skin now is an investment for your years to come.
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Products from: Tropical Essence  RD @tropicalessenceRD
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