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Spring Love

          I personally am a JUMPSUIT junkie… I love them in all shapes and colors!

Pictures Courtesy of shopbop.com

Flares are back!
courtesy of google
Accessories are the key to any outfit, giving every look the final touch.  Colorful scarfs and hats are IN this spring.  Just be sure to find the right one for you!
coutesy of google
An outfit is never complete if you don’t have the right nail polish!
Coustesy of Toryburch.com
Tory Burch striped handbag
This collection is amazing!  He created a beautiful color palette, mixing neutral colors with pops of color.  And don’t forget to always dab a touch of orange or red onto your lips.
Coustesy of google- Marc jacobs Sprin-Summer 2011 fashion show

High waisted shorts are back in style…. so its time to hit the gym!

Photography: Shopbop, Google, and Tory Burch

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Editor: Jenny Perusek

Love, THN*

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