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Saturday In Paris

Aww, Paris….. Between the Eiffel Tower, the Ladurée macaroons, and the Starbuckscoffee, what more can a girl ask for? 
My friends and I decided to go to City of Lights for Paris Fashion Week and ended up enjoying the quintessential French life.  There is something so special about this city, it just makes you want to stay there forever.
Just by walking around this ENCHANTING city, you can see that the French have a special look about them.  They look EDGY, but always with a CLASSIC and REFINED essence.  They mix a lot of high and low, like wearing a BEAUTIFUL suit with a CRAZY tie.
We walked around Paris for hours just breathing in the city and taking pictures.  To suit the occasion, I was wearing a vintage pink jacket, a H&Mleopard scarf, and Converse white sneakers.
This was truly one of the most AMAZING trips of my life!  I simply ADORE Paris!  Stay tuned for more Paris photos…
Photography: Julie Mundt & Yazmin Yeara
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Paris, France
Love, THN*

Château de Versailles - Paris

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