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Sarah Lopez Earrings

This photo shoot is for all the vintage jewelry lovers out there!  Sarah Lopez sells the most amazing jewelry in Dominican Republic. All of her earrings and necklaces are all EXQUISITE and very fashionable.  Most of her pieces are from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or the many vintage fairs in Miami.  They are all RARE and UNIQUE.
These accessories go beautifully with everything.  Put on a white t-shirt and jeans with Sarah Lopezs earrings… and you are GOOD TO GO! 
This photo shoot also showcases stylist Susej Medina’s sweet skills.  As you can see, she puts AMAZING outfits together that look very COOL.
Click here if you are interested in purchasing any of the Sarah’s AMAZING pieces.
Photography: Roberto Cadette
Stylist: Susej Medina
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Model: Sarah Lopez
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