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Red Valentino

Spring Summer 2012 -Fantasy

Here is the Video I made for the Inspiration of this Looks

Samantha Waireri
For this collection, Samantha was inspired by the idea of deconstructing the feminine bow, an important design element used often in REDValentino, and transforming it into a new look.  It was essential for Samantha and her group to present a new take on the brand for those loyal REDValentino customers.   

  They showed a new tangible surrealism, in which the reality is not only what people see on the surface, but with an underlying magical dimension.  They wanted to enhance their new surrealism with strong colors, so as to make it a new, more exciting, journey through life.  In addition, Samantha and her group chose technologically advanced textiles of fiber properties, denim textures, and surface prints.

Their final outcome was successfully achieved, with a beauty and strength well suited to REDValentino.

Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Designer: Samantha Waireri
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editors: Maria Victoria Avalos and Jenny Perusek
Location: Milan, Italy

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