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Prague Birthday

 Chezc SUper LArge BEER!

There are three words that can describe Prague: AMAZING, MAGICAL, and ENCHANTING.  From the buildings that make you feel you live in Cinderella’s world to my favorite bridge in the world, the Charles Bridge, this is a place that everyone must go to see.  There is nothing more priceless than walking on the Charles Bridge at 6 a.m. and watching the sunrise. 

It is truly AMAZING how people sing in the streets and when jazz bands play on the bridge, you just feel like someone is going to pop out and sing right beside you.   Prague is filled with MAGIC all over, I felt like I was in Disney World!!

For this shoot, I am wearing an ASOS electric blue dress, pink Gucci sandals, plus my favorite vintage hat and skull necklace… The perfect combination for a summer day in Prague.

Photography: Jean Marie Polanco Issa
Model: Yazmin Yeara
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Love THN*


Vintage Prague