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Portsmouth Style

As spring rolls around and the weather gets better and better, my amazing cousin Marcelle De Moya, and her beautiful roommate Marcela, decided to enjoy a day in the sun for today’s fashion shoot… what better way to spend a day, right?

For this shoot, the ladies put together a very COOL winter/spring outfit.  Marcela is wearing a Zara black and white blazer, a H&M shirt, Urban Outfitters jeans, and a TO DIE FOR Arden B. necklace.  The rest of her AMAZING jewelry comes courtesy of her recent trip to Istanbul!

Photography: Marcelle De Moya, with assistance from Catalina Muñoz 

Model: Marcela Rivas (from El Salvador)

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Location: Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Love, THN*

Off to the Woods!

The Black Shoe