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Peligrosa Agustina

Peligrosa Agustina is a remarkable store in Mexico.  The owner of the store is the lovely Dasya Villalba, a 25 year- old woman from Mazatlan, Mexico.  Ever since she was young, Dasya had always wanted to open her own store.  She learned a lot from her mother traveling to Los Angeles and seeing how the fashion business works.
One of the main reasons why she decided to open a store is because she found it surprising that there wasn't a lot of variety other than Zara and its particular style of clothing.  In every country customers need a change, more options to choose from.
So after initially selling clothes at her home, she opened her first store on March 9, 2011 and soon opened a second location.  Her stores have been very well received from customers, showing their love especially on Facebook
Dasya has a GREAT style and really knows what she is doing… Being a fashion buyer completely suits her!  Check out Peligrosa Agustina’s Facebook page and don’t forget to LIKE it!
Photography: Juan Oviedo
Model: Marcela Arzola
Stylist and Photography Assistant: Grecia Garcia
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Sheila Agudelo and Jenny Perusek
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
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