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Milan Fashion Week

There’s a certain feeling that overcomes the city of Milan when Fashion Week begins.  For me, it's like waking up on Christmas morning, the excitement is just unbearable as I walk briskly down the street on my way to the shows.  

People are moving a bit faster, traffic a bit slower, but most of all, there is many more well dressed people surrounding me in the metro (as compared to the usual puffy-jacket filled crowd).  The weather may be chilly, but that hasn't stopped the fashion industry from invading Milan for the week. 

The John Richmondshow at Castello Sforzescohad quite the mixture of people.  Bustling photographers fighting for the perfect shot mixed with confused tourists stumbling into photos and, unknowingly, standing next to fashion legends.  Ah yes, of course, the fashion trendsetters were there to give the world a sneak peek at upcoming trends and future “wearable” looks (some looks not so much). 

It being the first day of fashion week, there were lots of exchanges of hellos and small chitchat among buyers and member of the press while they were waiting outside the tent.  Other individuals, like me, enjoyed the observing the spectacle from a distance.  The mood of the photography was one of capturing these moments while not missing the fabulous fashion of course. 

Inside the show, the music by DJ Morgan was impeccable, creating hype as the models glided down the runway. The looks were nice but in my opinion, DJ Morgan, you stole the show. 

Photography: Brianna Tell

Author: Brianna Tell

Editor: Jenny Perusek


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