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Make up tools


Make up can be consider by some as a form of art. Make up  artists need to know about proportions, colors and textures. Just as painters use brushes to create their master pieces; make up artists use brushes  the create the perfect look.
You don't need to be a make up artist to use brushes, in fact they are of great help when you are not a make up expert.
The  key to a flawless make up is the amount of product you use and the way you apply it. Brushes help you to apply the right amount of product, being foundation, eyeshadow or blush, and to blend them all together.
You can find brushes made out synthetic or natural fibers. Use synthetic  bristle brushes to apply cream-based products, like foundation, concealer or lipstick; and natural bristle brushes to apply powder-based products like blush, loose powder or eyeshadow.
The brushes feature here are from MAC.
Brush number 191 (foundation brush),  number 242 (concealer brush), and  number 204 (mascara product) are made out of synthetic fibers.
Brush number 224 (blending brush),
and number 109 (contour brush) are made out of natural fibers.
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Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Products: Tropical Essence RD @tropicalessenceRD
Jennifer Wendlandt
@stylebeat__ (instagram)

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