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Life is VII

The Life is… posts are my favorite ones to post every week!  In this week’s edition, my friend Samantha Waireri  from Africa,lets the world know that, for her, life is JOY.
And it really does!  She is always cheerful and optimistic, nothing ever kills her buzz.  When I asked her why life is joy for her, she said life is…
“Beautiful, breathtaking and yes... even when I go through the harsh realities and upsets of life... it sure gets me down…I choose to stand by Joy.

JOY gives me the strength to keep living and attaining my dreams.

JOY sets an aura of unity and love with my friends and family.

JOY reignites my passion for Life, the things I love and want to keep close to me.

JOY keeps me on the journey of faith, the treasure of hope and the gift to Love.

LIFE opens up discoveries that speak truth to my future and that gives me joy!”

I agree with everything Sam says.  We must always be happy and optimistic because to gain success we must fulfill our inner souls first.
Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Model: Samantha Waireri
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
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