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Life is ...IV

Introducing the new Life is… post.  For Jenny, one of my best friends in Milan, life is and will always be COFFEE.  Jenny lives in Milan, though originally from Mexico, and it’s amazing how she can never find iced coffee anywhere.  Thus she always makes it herself.  Asking Jenny why life is COFFEE, she said…
“Ilove the taste, the smell, even the shape of the coffee grains.  A good coffee can change my whole day and put me in the right mood.  My favorite is iced coffee, with lots of ice and a touch of almond milk.  Life is too short not only to drink bad coffee, but also to not have it the way you like it.  Living in Milan has presented a challenge for me when it comes to finding iced coffee during the warmer months; iced coffee is not a popular drink here.  Luckily enough, I have managed to find coffee shops and very nice people that would make it for me and my friends... lots of stories can be shared around a good cup of coffee.”
COFFEE keeps Jenny happy every day.  Everyone has something they love and can’t live without… what’s yours? 
Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Model: Jenny Wendlandt
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Sheila Agudelo and Jenny Perusek
Location: Milan, Italy
Love, THN*


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