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Keep the tan in the winter

Christmas is around the corner, and everywhere we see ornaments and everything starts to look prettier than usual. Winter clothes makes you look elegant with less effort. There are more statement pieces that you can take advance of. A nice coat or an awesome pair of boots can make a whole outfit come together.   That is as far as clothes go, but there is one thing that winter does not offer, and that is a tan. Only summer can give us that glowing look that makes anything we wear look great on us.

Luckily we have self tanners, even in the winter there are countries where you can still wear skirts in December and why not show those legs with a beautiful tan. Before applying any self tanner you must prepare your skin, in order to avoid an uneven color. Follow these steps to ensure a flawless result.

If you have an event and would like to use a self tanner, apply it at least one day before the event. In case you don't like the intensity of the tan, you can remove some of the color with a loofah or an exfoliator.

If this is the first time you are going to use a self tanner, start using a light shade and see if you like the color, usually medium to dark shades are really dark. If your are fair skin, try not to use a dark shade, it would look really fake. If you have medium to dark skin, go for the medium shades.

Wax and exfoliate your legs. This is a very important step, the skin needs to be free of hair and dead cells, if you have medium to big pores, after shaving or waxing wait at least 8 hours before applying the self tanner.

Do not apply any lotion or moisturizer, the skin must be free of any product to well-absorb the tanner. Avoid areas such as elbows, knees, the back of  your heels, these areas have really dry skin and tend to soak the tanner, what you should do is to moisturize them

When applying the self tanner, try to use a large amount of product, it's better than using a small amount. Self tanners are usually formulated to be fast-absorbed, if you apply it little by little you will have the risk of end up with spots.

If you would like to maintain the tan, you can either re-apply it every 3 days or use a lotion that develops a gradual tan, this moisturizes and tans at the same time.

The self tanner feature here is form Estee Lauder Sun Performance, is a light-weight formula, very easy to apply and gives a pretty summertime glow tan.

Photography: Yazmin Yeara @thehippienerd Cosmetics: Tropical Essence RD @TropicalEssenceRD Written by: Jennifer Wendlandt @stylebeat_ (instagram)

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