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I Love Vintage Clothes For The Next Mercadillo RD

I must say vintage clothes have become very popular in the fashion industry and I am very proud of Paloma de la Cruz for bringing vintage to The Dominican Republic.  She travels to different cities in The United States of America, searching in the best vintage markets to buy the most AMAZING pieces and sell them at Mercadillo RD, a vintage flea market.
The next Mercadillo RD is the 5th of its kind and is always a huge success!  It will take place at Cinema Cafe on September 18th ,Check out their facebook page for more information on the next event.
The pictures are from the new campaign for I Love Vintage Clothes, an AWESOME vintage blog created by Paloma de la Cruz.  The pictures, and the accompanying video, were shot by the very talented Jennie Fernandez.
I am SO proud of my country: fashion is growing more and more every day!
Photography: Jennie Fernandez
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Las Dunas de Bani, Dominican Republic
Love, THN*

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