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Hippie Beauty "The Truth about Coffee"

Cellulite, oh noooo… If any woman on this planet told me that she didn’t worry about having cellulite, I would say Yes and I am the next Mother Theresa.
Just hearing the word cellulite gives me goosebumps.  Unfortunately I am, like MANY women, a victim of cellulite.  But I can’t complain, since I don’t exercise every day, I eat what I want, and I don’t limit my sweets or coffee intake… Thus the natural result is cellulite, nature’s unpleasant gift.
As women, we have a higher chance of having cellulite than men, due to our higher body fat percentage.  Also genetics, lifestyle, and diet all affect the amount of cellulite a woman will have.  Speaking of diet, coffee is actually believed to cause cellulite… and in a way it does.
The body works to maintain a normal PH level, keeping the amount of alkaline/acid in our bodies in check.  When we drink coffee, more acid appears, so the body has to work to neutralize the acid by adding water.  This causes us to retain water and gain a bit of weight.
Now ladies, don’t panic and quit on your morning coffee just yet.  At least for me, coffee is one of the best parts of my day.  So, to keep your body in balance, drink TWO cups of water for every ONE cup of coffee you drink.  The best solution to get rid of that water retention is by giving to your body exactly what it screams for… WATER!
There is a way in which coffee can help us get rid of cellulite, but you’ll have to stay tuned for my next post to learn about that…
Photography: TheCoolist
Author: Jenny Wendlandt
Editor: Jenny Perusek

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