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Hippie Beauty "The At-Home Manicure"

For any women worth her salt, the care of nails is ESSENTIAL.  Even if you are too busy to go to the salon to get a manicure, you can still show yourself some LOVE and give your nails some basic care.  With so many ready-to-use spa products out there, we are running out of excuses to have messy nails!
Here is a simple guide for an at-home manicure, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon…
1.   Remove any dirt or enamel from your nails using nail polish remover and cotton balls. 
2.   Wash your hands.
3.   Pour lukewarm water and a few drops of hand soap into a small container that is deep enough to place your hands inside.
4.   Rest your hands in the container for 7 – 10 minutes. 
5.   Apply a cuticle remover on your nails, letting it set for the time recommended on the product.  The cuticle remover will soften your cuticles, making it easier to for them to be pushed back.  If you cut your cuticles often, they tend to become harder.
6.   Gently push back the cuticles using a orange wood stick or a rubber-tipped plastic cuticle pusher.  You can also use stainless steel cuticle scissors to trim them if your cuticles are especially hard.
7.   Wash your hands.
8.   Shape your nails with a nail file.  I personally think that the square shape is the most convenient.  Remember the sides of the nails are what gives them strength.
9.   Polish the surface of your nails with a buffer.  But be careful not over-polish, as it can weaken the nails.
10.Wash your hands.
11.Mix a small amount of sugar with some lemon drops in a bowl.
12.Apply the mixture to your hands like a lotion to exfoliate them.
13.  Apply a base coat of nail polish onto your nails.  This is especially recommended if you are going to wear dark or red colors, in order to avoid that terrible yellow stain.
14.Apply the first coat of nail polish onto your nails. 
15.Let your nails dry for at least 5 minutes.
16.Apply the second coat of nail polish onto your nails. 
17.Let your nails dry for another 5 minutes (at least).
18.Once your nails are completely dry, apply a top coat onto your nails.
19.Let your nails dry for another 5 minutes (at least).
20.Gently massage a moisturizing cream or lotion onto your hands.
21.Get pretty and go out to for a nice cup of coffee with your friends.  Show off your beautiful nails… you deserve it after all the work you have done!
Extra tip:  For softer cuticles apply a bit of Vaseline to your nails each night before going to sleep.  This will help keep away the cuticle scissors!
Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Author: Jenny Wendlandt
Editor: Jenny Perusek
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