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Hippie Beauty "News Paper Manicures"

You have probably noticed that the newspaper manicure is on every single blog these days.  Although it is nothing new, it seems to be having a comeback.  At first glace you might think that this is really hard to do or that you need a special kit for it.  But, rest assured, it is not hard to do at all.  In fact it is one of the easiest manicures out there!  J
As with every manicure, you need to have your hands clean and clear of imperfections, otherwise the results won’t be as nice as you want them to be
You will need:
·      A base coat
·      Light-colored nail polish, preferably white or nude. You can also try using different colors, like a bright orange, for some pizzazz.  Just don’t choose a color that is too dark because the ink on the newspaper is black.
·      10 small pieces of newspaper (one for each finger)
·      A small bowl that is big enough to dip your fingertips into.
·      Rubbing alcohol (from a pharmacy or supermarket) to put into the small bowl.
·      A top coat
Now let’s get these nails done…
1.   With your hands and nails perfectly clean and dry, apply the base coat. Then apply two coats of the nail polish and wait until it completely dries.
2.   In the small bowl, pour in the rubbing alcohol (just enough to soak your fingertips in) and put in your fingertips.  Then take one of the small newspaper pieces with the text facing downward and place it on top of your nail.  Press it for at least 20 seconds, until you see that the ink has been transferred onto your fingernail.
3.   Repeat this action for the rest of your fingernails.
4.   Lastly, apply the top coat.  This will extend the life of your cool manicure!
Extra tip: I really like the way that this manicure looks when it is done with a mint-colored nail polish.
I hope you all try this and let me know what you think!
Photography:  Yazmin Yeara & Google Images
Author: Jenny Wendlandt
Editor: Jenny Perusek
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