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This is one of the most special posts of the year for me.  This time has been the most amazing 13 months of my life… not only learning in school, but also in life.

I have met people that have changed my life and have become my family, that have always been there to help me and teach me new things.  With so many different cultures in one class, we all came together beautifully.  I love each and everyone of my DA family and I am proud of them all.

It has been a tough year with a lot of hard work but guess what?  WE MADE IT… and we deserve every good thing that has happened to us all!

Here I present to all of you my graduation: the new fashion managers of 2011 from Domus Academy in Milan.

Photography: Amanda Musa & Patricia Hane

Author: Yazmin Yeara

Editor: Jenny Perusek

Love, THN*

Bang by Ryuji Nakamura

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