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Fashion Lovers III - Rafaela Eusebio

Today’s fashionista is Rafaela Eusebio Ventura, a photographer and blogger from The Dominican Republic.  She has an extremely COOL and eccentric style.  She’s not afraid to mix and match fabrics, oftentimes creating a unique mosaic.  I LOVE her style from head to toe!
It's so important to be creative with what you wear!  I wake up every morning excited about my day’s outfit.
I decided to make today’s post a little bit more interesting by asking Rafaela to describe what she was wearing in the photo shoot.  Rafaela is wearing:
“First STYLE: shoes from shoe village, size 37, black heels with stiletto design/pomp’s. The skirt, Zara kids, 11-13 years (I never used it as a kid, but I found it and it’s gorgeous).  Shirt, I have no idea who made it- TAG IS GONE- mother used to wear it when a teenager so its cool- VINTAGE.  As for the accessories huge pearl earrings by: I got to check, but in case it doesn’t have the name tag- WELL WHO CARES- they’re beautiful.  My aunt used it for her wedding- she gave them to my sister because she kept telling her I loved the earrings the instant I saw them.
Second STYLE: Black Ray-Ban’s – they were a friends but he left them at my house and we haven’t seen each other so, till further notice- meeting, they’re MINE.  HAHA.  Black boot for winter: I cut the bottom part- it as too rough for me – I wore them for Halloween since I was a pirate and the roughness of it fir the costume- then I tried wearing it with other clothes but I didn’t result – (yes, I actually miss things by taking in consideration the balance they make with everything else of the outfit).  So I cut the bottom part since it was annoying me and there you have some new black winter boots, they were my mom’s and she gave them to me a few years ago!
Black babe formal pants: my aunt gave them to me since she wasn’t fitting in them - she became chubbier after giving birth to my beautiful nephews.  But she has marvelous taste in clothes- and she knows I’m crazy with silk and fashion itself.  So there it is – FROM FORMAL TO WICKED- that how I roll.
And for last but not least, black holes gloves. My sister bought this for a presentation- she was a bee and stuff.  Anyway, I found them a few months ago and have only wore them twice in my life – one: to go out. Two: for this picture. I only wear it in one hand not because it looks cool – but because – ONLY GOD KNOWS-where the other pair is.”
Check out Rafaela’s blog at http://raeuve.tumblr.com/.
Model: Rafaela Eusebio Ventura
Author: Yazmin Yeara and Rafaela Eusebio
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: The Dominican Republic
Love, THN*

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