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Dominicana Moda "Day 5 " Part I

The fifth day of Dominicana Moda was also one for the books!
Firstly, Jose Jhan presented his “Come Fly With Me” collection, blowing everyone away!  He made guests feel like they where traveling in the tropics, with the music, the vintage luggage and the EXQUISITE menswear collection.  He also won the Best Collection award for this year’s Dominicana Moda!  Congratulations to my very TALENTED friend!


Secondly, Juan Cotes showed his “Alegórica” collection.  He showed the pastel color trend, but had an AMAZING way of combining the pieces.  The collection was SWEET and BOLD at the same time!


Enjoy the pictures of these two FANTASTIC runways!


Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Love, THN*


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