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Designer Mayle Vasquez M

Mayle Vasquez Melo is an emerging designer from The Dominican Republic.  I really ADMIRE her talent and love her work.  I decided to do a special interview of Mayle for THN because she is truly one of a kind.
1. Why do you like to design?
I like to design because it is the most creative way to express my ideas   
about femininity, fashion, and class.  I think of it as giving women the tools to express their own personal style.
2. What do you think of the upcoming generation of designers?
Over the last few years, designers have been going crazy over-thinking the idea of innovation.  This is why, more and more, we return to the ever-evolving cycle of fashion but, of course, each time with a modern touch of what is surrounding society today.
3. Who is your inspiration?
I find my inspiration everywhere... literally everywhere: a building, nature, but most importantly, I like to experiment with techniques on fabrications.  This usually ends up being the exclamation point of my designs.
4. How has your experience been so far as a designer?
I have had quite an eclectic experience I would say.  Starting in Chavon, which was a very closed and centered environment and then going to Parsons.  That is where I believe I really flourished as a designer.
My working experience has been diverse as well, working for Hernan Lander who is an upcoming high-end designer and then shifting to a fast consumer market while I was working at Real Underwear.
Now, here in Milan, I am doing a Masters in Brand Management, where I plan to acquire the marketing and branding tools to start my own company.
Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Interviewer: Yazmin Yeara
Model: Mayle Vasquez Melo
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: ­­­Milan,Italy
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