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This is a very special post for me.  One of my friends from The Dominican Republic, Pamela Del Monte, just opened this store… which I LOVE!  Crochet has been her dream since she was young and she finally made it come true this year.  
One of the main reasons why she wanted to open a store is because she found it very difficult to buy stylish pieces at good prices in The Dominican Republic.  Crochet carries the best styles every season at very good prices.
Pamela studied Marketing at UNIBE and then studied Fashion Marketing at Parsons.  After she finishing her studies, she began an internship at the Girl Scouts of USA as an Assistant Buyer.
There will be a lot more to come at Crochet.  I hope you enjoy the wonderful journey!
Photography: Pamela Del Monte
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Sheila Agudelo and Jenny Perusek
Location: Calle Gala # 1, esq. Doctores Mallen in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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