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Chaplin's Remix

I finally found the Charlie Chaplin hat that I’ve always wanted, so I combined it with my new Steve Urkel glasses and Bershka t-shirt to create the ultimate look… NERDY-HIPPIE-RAVER.
This is a very COOL look to wear day to day.  It’s very simple and FUN!  You can wear the glasses or leave them off, depending on your own personal style.  The bowler hat is very IN for this fall, so you will be seeing it a lot in future photo shoots.
And let us not forget the sequined vest!  It always adds a bit of 1920s to the look.  As you all know, I LOVE sequins!  They make any look seem look ready for the night.
This was a very special photo shoot for me because it was done by my editor J!  Her photos are AMAZING and it was only her second time using my Nikon!
For this shoot, I am wearing a H&M bowler hat and nerdy glasses, a Bershka men’s shirt, and a vintage vest and boots from my mother’s closet.  
Photography: Jenny Perusek
Model: Yazmin Yeara
Art Director: Samantha Waireri
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Love THN*

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