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CHANEL lips for Dominicana Moda '12

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Winter is getting closer, and with it the dark shades. Let's brighten up our outfits with some rouge. Lipstick and nail polish can also be considered accessories. They compliment and give the final touch to the outfit; and what a better accessory than something from the brand with the double  "C”

For better results exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying the lipstick. To remove any dead skin, you can mix some brown sugar with honey and rub it onto your lips in a circular motion with an old-soft toothbrush or your fingertips. Then apply a bit of lip balm in order to hydrate your lips (Chaps tick, Labelle, Blistex, etc) this will prevent your lips from "eating" your lipstick.

And last but not least apply some of this wonderful new shades from Chanel. The colors of the clothes are transitioned  into their beauty line so you can have fun mixing and matching your outfit with your make up.

Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lip shine provides lasting moisturizing shine in a water-light texture.

The lipsticks featured here Are Chanel’s current fw12 season and were provided by Tropical Essence DR. The name of the colors are:







En Vogue

Photography :Yazmin Yeara

Make up from : Troipical Essence RD


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