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Capitol Colours

If you’re like me (and everyone else in the world), part of your weekend probably included sitting in a cinema watching the most highly anticipated movie of the year, The Hunger Games.  Amidst the fighting and bloodshed, the citizens of Capitol showed off their stunning fashion sense.  My eyes were dancing with the bright colors, crazily fabulous hats, and outlandish makeup.

Well, thanks to China Glaze, we can all look as fabulous as the Capitol citizens with their Capitol Colours collection.  There are 12 different shades, each one representing one of the districts, and The Hunger Games’ own Effie Trinket serves as the face of this new collection.

Looking at the photos, I can’t wait to try Luxe and Lash AND Stone ColdLuxe and Lash is a great topcoat that creates a glitter-esque effect.  I think it looks especially adorable when paired with Dress Me Up.

And then there’s Stone Cold.  I have never seen matte polish like this… it looks like gravel!

Try out these new shades and let me know which one is your favorite…

Photography and Collages: The Hollywood Reporter, China Glaze, Smudge Style, All Lacquered Up, and Jenny Perusek

Author: Jenny Perusek

Thanks!  JP


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