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Art In Cannes

Cannes is a beautiful city in the heart of the French Riviera, home to beautiful beaches and MARVELOUS fashions.
It is also home to an incredible vintage art exposition, one I had the pleasure and privilege to attend.  I had the opportunity to meet a PLETHORA of emerging artists, all eager to showcase their undiscovered talents.
I have to admit that it was hard to pick a favorite in such a robust sea of quality, but I've carefully selected a few of the masterpieces I found most inspiring!
I hope you all enjoy the BEAUTIFUL art, the pieces were incredible! 
Photography: Yazmin Yeara
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Micheal Naranjo and Jenny Perusek
Location: Cannes, France
Love, THN*

Hermès Window Display

Fashion in the streets of Cannes