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African Bangles

Designer Samantha Waireri

The East African coast is filled with vibrant colors, from the endless conversation of contrasting colors to the bold tango dancers... all embedded with words on wisdom inscribed into the fibers.  It’s a journey from long ago, when women celebrated their colorful culture through these beautiful textiles. Thus the khanga came into being… celebrated, loved, wrapped, cherished and passed on to new generations as it injects its presence into the fashion world. 

Handmade bangles made from both new and recycled textiles, acquired from local merchants in Kenya, have been transformed into gorgeous, vibrant and immensely colorful objects of desire.  Celebrate this spring/summer season and beyond with these sunny Kenyan accessories.

Photography: Yazmin Yeara and Samantha Waireri
Model: Yazmin Yeara and Samantha Waireri
Author: Yazmin Yeara
Editor: Jenny Perusek
Location: Milan, Italy
Love, THN*

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